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The History of Stacyville, Iowa: 1856-2006
  • By Cheryl Mullenbach, 2005.

  • 150 years of history since the founding of the Stacyville community

  • Includes information from earlier editions of published Stacyville history, new research, oral histories, rare historical photographs, and a chronicle of events as recorded in the archives of newspapers published in Stacyville since the early days to the current Monitor Review

  • Soft cover, 192 pages,
  • NEW PRICE, effective 9/1/10. Only $15 plus shipping!
  • Available at Office of the City Clerk. Click here for mail order form.

Stacyville history book

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Introduction 1911-1920 1941-1950
1855-1899 1921-1930  
1900-1910 1931-1940